The Future - Overkill Disaster Crash
Suburban Lawns - Green Eyes
Geso - The Nail In My Head
Come - Come Sunday
Autopsia - His Secret Sin
Chrisma - Wanderlust
The Human Switchboard - No!
Cosy Corner - The Night Hiss
Die Form - A Case Report
Sprung aus den Wolken - I Hkcam La
Pressler-Morgan One Plus One - You're Gonna Watch Me
Thomas Leer - Kings of Sham
Matthias Schuster - Für Alles Auf Der Welt
Aus Lauter Liebe - Das Tor zur Welt
John J. Lafia - Queen of the Nile
Mad Tea Party - Modern Time's Pop
Mask Eguti - Entangled
Perfect Mother - You'll No So Wit
The Times - Muzak
Monuments - Grey Cat
I'm So Hollow - I Don't Know
No More - Dim The Lights
Mechanic Popular - Estado Sólido
Matador - Promise
Puff - Durchtrainierte Ziftenkörper
The Neon Judgement - Schizophrenic Freddy
The Mackenzies - Trouble
Peter Roos - Klimax
Unovidual & Friends - The Emptiness Fills You
Kriminelle Tanzkapelle - Klatschmohn
Tecnica Material - Made In Spain
Phoebe Killdeer & The Shift with Maria de Medeiros - Howling Wolf
We Be Echo - Maggot
Der Demokratische Konsum - Die Kuh
DDAA - Guerre Froide